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The Enclave

2018 AIA San Diego Design Award Winner

The site is a suburban infill lot located a few blocks from the beach. To meet an increased 2nd floor rear yard setback the addition is shifted out of alignment with the existing dwelling below. A 1994 remodel and second-story addition will be gently tuned up as part of the new construction.

Between Coronado Village proper and North Island Naval Air Station lies Country Club Annex, a 1950’s-era patio home tract. These three bedroom, 1400 sf houses have a two-car garage set back 25′ from the street, a main house set back another 20′, and a large, neighbor-friendly front yard. In the rear of the house a pair of sliding glass doors open to a room-sized covered patio set in a sizable private garden area. Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer of these modest homes left, they have been replaced by a new breed of often speculative, usually bloated, typically ersatz Cape Cod leviathans.

A number of patio homes still remain in the possession of the original (or near-original) owners but the general pattern is that when the owner passes on the home is quickly demolished and replaced by an oversized yardless behemoth. This destroys the scale of the neighborhood but even worse it reduces an already dwindling stock of smaller, affordable but still attractive rentals for people who want to live in Coronado but can’t afford to buy. Part of Coronado’s strength as a community has come from the rich mix of people its owner- and tenant-occupied residences have provided but each time a home flips another renter is forced off the island and the mix homogenizes further.  And what a shame, many of the new places are used just a few weeks a year, the rest of the time they are vacant. Fewer tenants and more absentee owners has diminished the vibrancy of the Coronado community.

This ADU addition is a step in a healthier direction:

  • Increases neighborhood’s stock of affordable housing
  • Strategic insertion of load carrying elements minimizes demolition waste and carbon footprint
  • No fake historicism—design taps into modernist underpinnings of patio home typology
  • Intensively utilized rooms limit overall size—no gratuitous spaces, no leviathans
  • Front yard is communal
  • Each unit has private outdoor space

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